All examples are low bit-rate MP3s (64 kbps), and are only short excerpts.
1. Plutonium [a][c]   iTunes (1)   iTunes (2)
2. Hammering [a]
3. Mercy
4. Twang 409 [a]   iTunes
5. Dew Point [a]   iTunes
6. Paranoia [d]
7. Vestiges [b]
8. Path to Ground
9. Iceberg [a]
10. Timidity
11. Barnacles
12. Wax Museum [a]   iTunes
13. Firing Pin
14. Double Helix
All selections copyright Doug Edwards.      All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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[a] Featured in LAND OF THE BLIND (feature film, starring Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland)
[b] Featured in KIDS & DIVORCE: FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE (PBS documentary)
[c] Featured in THE DAY THEY DIED (History Channel)
[d] Featured in PARANOIA (independent short)